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<nettime> Re: [CRIS active] World Intellectual Property Day - today.


I share Robert's enthusiasm for such an event, but "pirate" has always 
bothered me in this context.

But as an African American, I can never help but link the analog piracy 
that so many of our musicians
(and others) suffered to the digital forms that now take place. 

There are many dimensions that to this issue
-- outside of the ever present and simple argument of music industry 
corruption --
that are somehow never dealt with honestly by progressive media activists.

I would hope that we can deal with this area in more thoughtful way
if we do this.


Sasha Costanza-Chock wrote:

> Argh.
> For next year's 'World Intellectual Property Day' we should organize a 
> globally distributed 'World Creative Commons / FLOSS / Public Domain / 
> Pirate Pride Day'


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