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<nettime> PSY.GEO.CONFLUX 2004, NYC, May 13-16, 2004

New York City, May 13-16, 2004

Location and hours:
PARTICIPANT INC., 95 Rivington St. New York,  NY 10002
Thursday May 13, 12-9pm with an opening reception from 7-9pm
Friday May 14 - Sunday, May 16, 10-7pm
[with additional evening events; see schedule at http://www.psygeocon.org]

GLOWLAB: Christina Ray ray@glowlab.com, Dave Mandl dmandl@panix.com
http://www.glowlab.com, http://www.psygeocon.org
PARTICIPANT INC.: Lia Gangitano, tel: 212.254.4334

Glowlab is pleased to announce Psy.Geo.Conflux 
2004, the second in an annual series dedicated to 
current artistic and social investigations in 
psychogeography (the study of the effects of the 
geographic environment on the emotions and 
behavior of individuals). Part festival and part 
conference, it brings visual and sound artists, 
writers, urban adventurers and the public 
together to explore the physical and 
psychological landscape of the city. Events will 
take place throughout NYC, with a headquarters 
located at Participant Inc., 95 Rivington St. 
between Orchard and Ludlow. The Conflux 
headquarters will serve as a place for 
participants and visitors to meet, pick up maps 
and schedules, and attend lectures. All events 
will be free and open to the public.

Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004 will feature a full program 
of events from Thursday through Sunday, including 
experimental walks with altered maps and 
navigational aids; high-tech drifts through the 
city using wearable computing devices; a 
human-scale chess game to take place in Times 
Square; a walking presentation of an urban 
documentary project commissioned by the New 
Museum of Contemporary Art 
<http://www.oneblockradius.org>; a series of 
temporary installations, lectures, audio and 
video works and more.

A complete schedule, event details, links to 
participants, and contact information will be 
available in mid-March at 
http://www.psygeocon.org. To sign up for the 
(low-volume) mailing list for schedule updates 
and other news about Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004, please 
Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004 is produced by 
Brooklyn-based arts lab Glowlab, in collaboration 
with Participant Inc. Sponsored in part by 
Artists Space Independent Project Grant.

Partial list of events:

WiFiKu :: Julian Bleecker: A drift through New 
York City neighborhoods to discover the names 
people give to their WiFi nodes and to construct 
haiku using these found SSID names.

Footprint Mapping :: Noriyuki Fujimura: An 
attempt to create a digital map of streets and 
public spaces by gathering "footprints" of 
participants in the project; a DIY-style digital 
mapping system consisting of a cheap pedometer, 
digital compass, microprocessor, webcam and 
laptop computer, set on a custom-made backpack 
for participants to wear.

Funerals for a Moment :: Kanarinka: Brings 
together collaborators across space and time to 
commemorate the passing of inconsequential 
moments at particular locations in New York City. 
The event will culminate in a collaborative 
performance of simultaneous funerals across New 
York City.

Nomadic Talk Show :: J. Gabriel Lloyd and Jason 
Kambitsis: Crushed velvet, scotch in one hand, 
blue and black tuxedos, big ties, and good 
times^ like a 1970s Dean Martin Roast on the city 
streets. The guests of the show are people who 
live or work in the neighborhood.

The New York Snap Exchange :: Andrea Moed: A 
round-robin, massively multiplayer street 
photography derby; a game in which everyone 
commissions art, everyone's an artist, and 
together we create an emergent visual index of 
the city.

Human Scale Chess Game :: Sharilyn Neidhardt: A 
cell phone‚directed chess game played in real 
time, with humans acting as the pieces and the 
street grid of Times Square as the chess board.

New Copen York Hagen :: Malene R¯rdam and Anna 
MarÌa BogadÛttir: A walk through Copenhagen as 
seen superimposed on a map of New York, with 
Danish souvenirs installed at various New York 
tourist attractions.

Yankee Game Walk :: Lee Walton: Participants will 
experience an unpredictable drift through the 
streets of Manhattan, guided by a live radio 
broadcast of a New York Yankees baseball game.

Street Art Walking Tour :: The Wooster 
Collective: A new version of last year¼s popular 
event, this walking tour of lower Manhattan 
street art will begin at the Conflux headquarters 
and end at a bar on the Lower East Side/SoHo.

One Block Radius Walking Tour/Presentation :: 
Glowlab (Christina Ray and Dave Mandl): A walking 
tour and presentation of the Lower East Side 
block within which the new New Museum of 
Contemporary Art will be built. Carried out 
between January and May 2004, One Block Radius 
zooms into this tiny area and gathers the amount 
of information one would normally find in a 
guidebook for an entire city. This feature-rich 
urban record will include personal perspectives 
from diverse sources such as city workers, 
children, street performers, and architectural 
historians. Employing a variety of tools and 
media such as blogs, video documentation, field 
recordings, and interviews, Glowlab will create a 
multi-layered portrait of the block as it has 
never been seen before (and will never be seen 
again). Commissioned by the New Museum of 
Contemporary Art; website: 

Additional events include lectures by Peter 
Lamborn Wilson, Zack Winestine and Michelle 
Kasprzak; transmission arts/audio projects by 
free103point9; and a Conflux party produced by 
Opsound. For further information, please contact 
Glowlab founder Christina Ray <ray@glowlab.com> 
or Dave Mandl <dmandl@panix.com>.

Additional information:

New York Times and Village Voice articles on the 
2003 Conflux: 

About Glowlab:

Glowlab is an arts lab for the production, 
documentation and presentation of multi-media 
work in the evolving fields of psychogeography 
and public space arts. We produce events and 
lectures, organize collaborative projects and 
exhibitions, and maintain an online lab at 
http://www.glowlab.com. Psychogeography is an 
open and highly experimental discipline concerned 
with the ways in which the geographic environment 
affects emotions and behavior. Approaches to 
psychogeography vary, and include artistic, 
political, philosophical and scientific work in 
fields ranging from archaeology and cartography 
to programming, performance and street art. 
Glowlab aims to bring together these diverse 
perspectives and engage in dialogue on the 
methods and practice of psychogeography. We are 
particularly interested in the idea of public 
space as an artistic medium, and in May 2003 
produced the first annual Psy.Geo.Conflux, a 
four-day festival and conference in New York 
dedicated to current artistic and social 
investigations in psychogeography. Glowlab was 
founded in 2002 as a project of Brooklyn artist 
Christina Ray, and is maintained by a small group 
of collaborators and volunteers.

About Participant Inc.:

Participant Inc. is an educational corporation 
and not-for-profit art space dedicated to the 
presentation of artists' work in a flexible, 
experimental format. The mission of Participant 
Inc. builds upon alternative space methodologies, 
particularly a commitment to interdisciplinary, 
intergenerational exhibition-making, and an 
insistence upon placing together, in one space, 
work from various mediums - encouraging the 
coexistence of visual, media, literary, and 
performing arts.

Dave Mandl

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