daphne on Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:16:59 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> let's go negative and join snubster

I agree, I think Snubster indeed is based on the pull factor of the users. I
think it's about how you participate within that kind of social networks.
Take for example also the meaning of "friend". I think the meaning of
"friend" is changing in it's meaning to what it means in real life.
Is a friend still a friend or just someone with the same interests? And
what's the value of that friend? Is it another way within the more
individualized society to bring back the feeling of having someone with the
same thoughts? So why not with the same hates, right? 

It participates in the feeling of being together or standing together for
something. Something which I think will be stronger and stronger the more
globalized the world will become. Because, as said by Felix, we all have
special interest in communities etc. In every part of the world, in every
part of society, that's something which is natural and exists ever since the
beginning of mankind.



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