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Re: <nettime> let's go negative and join snubster

> After all, if really you don't like it, why don't you just go
> somewhere else? Anyone who administered an online collaborative
> project has uttered this sentence more than once.

haa if france would be a netlist it's just what our sarkozy would love
to say to muslims.  as would say a deleuzian guyz it's the very
participation itself that does the love, it doesnt suffice at all of
your irenic & communotary endogamicdeclarative 'madame ma cousine i love
you'. permit as an any ordinary giordano bruno commonly  fired of list
banned so many time just beforto have to say zis : l'amour l'amour est
enfant de boh=E8me he neverknow laws..plus er well, let say i dont
speak of love in general but just of it on internet, here, a tiny
locus, but a high sex topoi & natural niche of porn. uell love is beyond
all & let say, my advice, what is important in love is as in sport:
trying to find some way  of participation, otherwise though just a bit
of what nice bare arse migon & all mignonne ones aka all internet
inhabitant could say about your despising internet human
desolidarisation, '& you why dont you just go somewhere else..on mars or
something speaking klingon with long dressed dignified vulcain vip'. as
enlargement pills,the love doesnt exist, exist only its objective
manifestations, er since carmen you never love as the others want to
be & the reverse, it's an utopie, & porn is the new land of utopia
that..hahem ok ok now it sounds as a curator rhizome bullshit netart
theory de chiotte ok ok..er for instance hombre, let  speak about the
late caricaturist affair that seems to cast a chill over your
proceeding..ha! : what was the main subject except internet, cause
really if it was just a private tiny denmark press thing, anyone didnt
give a damn fuck cause everyone would be cosy at home wiz ones law &
conforting habitus but internet sublimize those john podunk minus
scribbles in a more global horyfying thing than..dont know..queen
elysabeth waterproof bathtub spying webcam could do. all here around
understand me in 1/3 word: the medium is the scandal. it's not my
fault if often the scandal is sexy& bad tasted as if we all would be
originaly damned for certain & sure, like a smell of democratie &
hell. l'amour est enfant de boh=E8me. beware..& thefuck it is said
guttenberg gave the huge mess in christian religion & really what the
fuck if internet would be even not good at it, he failed on enlargeme=
nt pills already..& if it's a scandal, it's a poor tiny one, arnt we
born for some dream of plus de grandeur?

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