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Re: <nettime> Important Thai education site closed

I second the importance of the Midnight University for freedom of
information and democratic discourse in Thailand. Please write to
Ajarn Somkiat and add your name to the petition!

-rebecca zorach

On 9/30/06, Keiko Sei <> wrote:

> Hello,
>   This mail is sent by Bcc. As you know, there was coup d'etat in
> Thailand on Sept.19. Despite the attempt by the military council to
> portrait it as a friendly coup, they are imposing censorship in various
> fields. Recently they closed the important on-line education site,
> Midnight University <>. This on-line education has
> been created for those people who cannot afford to go to higher
> education to be informed and empowered. It is one of the most
> enlightening media in Thailand, and I contribute to them, too, for free
> and copyleft, as I support their object. In fact this is the second
> time they are closed down by the authority: the first time because by
> the Thaksin government, and this time because they are critical towards
> the coup and the military council. The closure of their site seriously
> obstructs educational process of millions of people who depend on them,
> blocking the free flow of information and exchange of people's ideas,
> and is a total setback of democratic process of the country, just like
> the coup d'etat is. I would appreciate if you help their petition
> campaign by adding your name and circulate their message to your
> friends. Thank you very much for your constant help for the democratic
> path of South East Asia.
>   Keiko

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