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Re: <nettime> Important Thai education site closed


Dear Keiko

of course, we can, and must support your call! It's typical in these
foggy 'bloodless coup' situations that clearly independent information
and education constructs such as the Midnight University are among
the first major victims of 'order' to be indiscriminately swept away.
This is a despicable act against basic human rights that obviously has
nothing to do with the supposedly lofty public claims of the military
to 'save democracy from corruption' as it has been trumpeted in the
media. It's equally despicable that the political reaction to the
coup d'etat has been accordingly just as mute. Thailand seems to have
the chosen the Burmese model of progressive democratic and social
development, a model which can not be in anybody's best interest,
whether in Thailand or anywhere else on the planet.

If you have a specific forum through which to articulate this  
situation, let us know!




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