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<nettime> Human Theory Anyone?

What about Human Theory?

At one moment I want to just say, "lets get over it, were all just  
human". But I know that when push comes to shove, especially in the  
digital world I work and live in, sexism does exist. I encounter it  
almost daily, people questioning my skills in the computer world  
simply because of my gender. I work with 90% males and most of my  
friends are male. I live in a digital world 24/7...constantly  
interacting with mostly male counterparts though some kind of digital  
technology. I have definitely been discriminated against and had my  
confidence battered by many males in the past. Maybe its about fear,  
and power and all this societal shit we've been taught since the womb.  
But its not about that, its about respect for another human. I don't  
want to be a feminist any more because Its dividing people, its making  
differences apparent. Its separating people, and its dividing us in  
about half....this is just silly. So what about humans generally  
having power over themselves, and being [responsible] for their own  
actions. Then people would not feel threatened, and therefore would  
not feel the need to seek power. Lets strip it down, we all eat, sleep  
and shit...everything else is relevant. What we really need to be  
worrying about is technology and how to get the fuck off this  
planet...! And if we all aren't working together then its never going  
to happen...!!!!!! The most important thing to me is to get people  
educated in STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics -  
through ART)

you can check my site for some of my old work on feminist theory....
but now I'm moving forward....so don't hold your breath...!

IN Response to....
"Do I have the power to write my own history?"

Our history is starting with our first records, though our first data  
trail, and damn right I want to be able to write some of my own  
history so its not just what paperwork is on me. I think that is what  
leads me into creating projects that narrate my past, or keeping  
blogs. All of these things are writing our own history, and why  
shouldn't we? Its like keeping a diary, its collecting and displaying  
a perspective, showing a glimpse of our reality to others, in hopes  
they may understand for a fleeting moment...I think times are changing  
and I think its important to just do it...because if you stand around  
and think about it then it never happens, but if you make it a habit  
then I becomes you as you create it.

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