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Re: <nettime> Cross-dressing in the blogosphere...

> It was written last month, so I think it's very useful for getting
> another sense of what it's like for women to inhabit worlds in which
> they feel displaced by men who pose as women...

ok except it's more or less a posture as old as art itself & in so many
culture, academia rules on it (no need to cite, lists are wizout ending).
yes for mucho reason & blah, but permit i add we know also since balzac all
'belles lettres' are written mainly by autosugested men for women (xix
century sound of so many cries of that, & editor sommation to their wirters
for their best customers ) & we could rewritte the beloved baudelaire's
lecteur mon semblable mon frère by 'reader, my syster, am as bitch.as
you.'..er scuz me I couldnt refrain this one..so in some way it's beaucoup
question of taste here around. the 'good' & the bad old style one. & it dont
sound sarcastic in my month. in xviii the 'women' were
train & considered as some sort of depositary of lumière values  due to
barbaric men tropism ok ok with so many condescention etc..what i mean it's
your killing in sisterhood right remind me the kick my syster gave me under
the table when I don't do so 'good' humor at table & when she slashed me
with hers. What I mean it's I could easily understand your reaction with my
cromagnon background -no need plus- & really I cant understand hombre alan's
twist & smoke & funk as a slice of bacon in a burning pan, theatratical
image for theatratical reaction  without.. & for coining your 'Good
intention non suffice' for resuming your objection to his denegation echoes
right in my big hears as the fabulous anathemous 'one doesn't do good
literature with good sentiments'.
In few words you just ask him to be more tough & cruel & unjust with some
well drew twisted love affair that make crack & boum & ouch. cause the
women, best tasted ones, don't like literature that taste as cat food.

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