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<nettime> Oaxaca update [Hashemi, Economopoulos]

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   Fwd: URGENT: Military police invade University of Oaxaca                        
     Gita Hashemi <>                                                     

   In Memory of Brad Will                                                          
     Beka Economopoulos <>                                    


Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 16:25:41 -0500
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: Fwd: URGENT: Military police invade University of Oaxaca

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Dear Friends: 

At this moment, the federal military police are attempting to take
over the University of Oaxaca, violating laws of autonomy that
prohibit such actions. If you understand Spanish please tune into
the link below and follow the dramatic moments, as Radio Universidad
continues to trasmit as the siege continues and tear gas canisters are
dropped close to its instalations from helicopters. Where possible,
please consider organizing actions to protest this aggression with
activist groups in your community. Thank you very much for your
solidarity, CIEPAC San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

>Para: EquipoNizkor Nizkor ( Asunto: URGENTE la
>PFP esta atacando la Universidad de Oaxaca Importancia: Alta
>A la opini=F3n Nacional e Internacional
>La PFP est=E1 entrando a la Universidad de Oaxaca y agrediendo al
>pueblo que la est=E1 defendiendo, favor pronunciarse ante la Embajada
>Mexicana todos los pa=EDses, se necesita de la solidaridad de todo el
>mundo. El pueblo de Oaxaca nos necesita hoy.
><> * radio
>APPO transmitiendo en vivo * radio
><>Mirror 1 de Radio APPO *
>radio <>Mirror 2 de Radio APPO *
>radio <>Mirror 3 de Radio
>APPO * [] <>Minuto a minuto en
>el CML
>"El respeto de las personas hacia los animales es inseparable del
>respeto de las personas entre ellas mismas" An=F3nimo
>Marta Mendoza G=E1lvez SCLC, Chiapas, M=E9xico

Centro de Investigaciones Econ=F3micas y Pol=EDticas de Acci=F3n Comunitaria
calle Primavera 6, Barrio de la Merced
29240 San Crist=F3bal de Las Casas, Chiapas, M=E9xico
Tel/fax: en M=E9xico (01 967) 674-5168
=46uera de M=E9xico +52 (967) 674-5168
skype: miguelpickardwhite
Docendo discimus.
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Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 22:54:50 -0500
From: Beka Economopoulos <>
Subject: In Memory of Brad Will


A close friend was just murdered in Oaxaca, Mexico on Friday. He was
an activist and a journalist, there to document a popular movement of
teachers and other civilians. Brad was filming the protests at the
barricades there when paramilitaries and government thugs opened fire
and killed him.

Brad was truly the most dedicated and passionate environmental,
human rights, and global justice activists and journalists that
I've ever known. He dedicated his life to visiting the places where
globalization hit the hardest -- to tell the stories of people whose
stories go untold in mainstream press. Now the government of Mexico
has used his death as an excuse to send in thousands of federal
troops, to bulldoze the barricades, arrest protest leaders, and squash
the popular uprising that Brad and sadly, so many others in Oaxaca
have died to defend. This sickens me.

Friends and collagues of Brad's have been working to coordinate media
outreach, organize demonstrations, vigils, build a website, and build
grassroots pressure. There is a Oaxaca support letter that a number of
luminaries have signed on to, including Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Eve
Ensler, Danny Glover, Eduardo Galeano, Michael Hardt, Michael Moore,
Antonio Negri, Arundhati Roy, Alice Walker, Howard Zinn, and many
others. It calls on the Mexican government to withdraw troops from
Oaxaca, release all detainees, bring assasins to justice, and remove
the corrupt and illegitimate governor Ruiz.

Please sign on to the letter by visiting You can also go
there to send an email to Congress, to participate in the electronic
blockade, and donate to send a delegation to Oaxaca. We have uploaded
a number of videos as well.

This has been and continues to be an international media story...CNN
has been playing Brad's final footage, filmed as he was shot, and
every major outlet has been covering the ongoing violence in Oaxaca.
Demonstrations have been held in cities across the globe this week.
But we need to ensure that this attention translates into pressure on
the Mexican government.

Brad loved to sing. And fire-spin. And dumpster dive. And fight for
freedom, and the planet, and all her people. I have so many memories
of his grin and his guitar and his irreverant activist songs. You
can see a video of him singing at our arts space here this summer,
and of the demonstration at the Mexican consulate this Monday, at Many of us spent a couple of days in jail
this felt like the best place to be to commemorate our
fallen friend.

Love and rage,

Not An Alternative Arts Collective

P.S. You can learn more about Brad and the situation in Oaxaca at His writings, dispatches, songs, and stories
are there. We're sending a delegation down to Oaxaca to bring more
international attention and support to the area. Folks can donate at to help send independent journalists and
activists there.

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