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Re[2]: <nettime> waves as the material and medium of media art

New Wave (of Immaterialism)


And Lyotard's immaterial comes in waves and is so vague
You can not see it
You need techno for it

You say: It is not quite semiotically clear in that the "wave" is 
certainly not a material but simply the formal descriptive of the 
carrier, in the same sense that colour itself is not material, but 
paint is.

But a wave has to be produced first
Isn't it somehow made out of dirt?
There is labor in it

We resume: it's all about conditions, relations, circumstances
And these are not quite beauty or good taste, my dear bourgeois
The capitalist mode of production is about to build more waves 
we need

Airwaves is a chewing gum
Airwaves is a chewing gum
Airwaves is a chewing gum
Airwaves is a chewing gum

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