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Re: <nettime> Dreaming the Left-Wing Spectacle

There is (was?) a cartoonist named Steve Stiles who'd been
investigated while he was in the army because of something like this.
Stiles was a science fiction fan in a group whose chairman was an old
Wobbly. The investigator was some old creep who tried to get Stiles to
admit to something, anything, so the investigator could score another
scratched Commie. Stiles didn't, and eventually the investigator got

The story is detailed in Anarchy Comix (1980: Jay Kinney, Paul
Mavrides and others) and also includes a capsule history of the IWW.


On 7-sep-2007, at 17:02, Bruce Sterling wrote:

> ((("The first science fiction fanzines in the nineteen thirties were
> run off from the same mimeograph as the Young Communist Flatbush Yell
> Out in Brooklyn.")))

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