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<nettime> Art and Research, Volume 1. No. 2 Summer 2007

We are pleased to announce the publication of Art & Research: A
Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods, Volume 1. Number 2. Summer
2007 (ISSN: 1752 6388)


Art & Research is an artist-led, internationally peer-assessed
e-journal of Research in Fine Art Practice, focused upon questions,
contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice. Art &
Research aims to serve professional artists and academics, curators
and critics, artistic researchers, postgraduate and doctoral research
students and undergraduates, and to inform current pedagogical thought
in a global context.


Editorial: Agonism, Appropriation, Anarchism

Chantal Mouffe: Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces

Jan Verwoert: Living with Ghosts: From Appropriation to Invocation in
Contemporary Art

Ripple Effects: Art and Parecon: Michael Albert interviewed by Ross

Oliver Ressler: An Ideal Society Creates Itself: Venezuela and the
Bolivarian Process

Art & The Political Seminar: Part 1. 1st December 2006, Glasgow School
of Art. Chaired by Craig Richardson; Justin Carter; Dominic Hislop;
Chad McCail; Oliver Ressler.

Art & The Political Seminar: Part 2?(Democracy and Its Discontents).
2nd March 2007, Glasgow School of Art. Chaired by Rebecca
Gordon-Nesbitt; David Bellingham; Shauna McMullan.

Dan Gives us the Fax: Dan Graham interviewed by Nicolás Guagnini

Sarah Tripp: Let me show you some things

Brian O?Connell: Between Appropriation and Reconstruction, on Lisa

Lisa Oppenheim: The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else?

Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir/Mark Wilson: In conversation with Steve Baker
and Ross Birrell

Sam Stead: ?Rhapsody in blue?, a review of Bryndís
Snæbjörnsdóttir/Mark Wilson, nanoq: flat out and bluesome?A Cultural
Life of Polar Bears (London: Black Dog Publishing, 2006)

End Page: David Bellingham.

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