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<nettime> Clash of Discourses: Living in a Hysterical World

Clash of Discourses: Living in a Hysterical World

     Materiality / Immateriality
     Money Economy \ Gift Economy
     Science / Religion
     Aesthetics \ Politics
     Private / Public
     Individual \ Collective
     Elite / Masses
     Socialism \ Fascism
     Institutionalized Culture / Underground
     The Wise Guys \ The Men from the Streets
     Urban / Rural
     Outsiders \ Insiders
     Literated / Illiterated
     Artist \ Audience
     Consumer / Producer
     Ignorance \ Awareness

     Determination of your position, and more,

14 September, 20:30 CEST @ De Balie - Centre for Culture and  
Politics, Amsterdam, Nictoglobe organized, using free publicly  
accessible open source software tools, developed and provided by de  
Balie, a DIY CoolMediaHotTalkShow about 'Creative Resistance, New  
Media as Soft Arms'

In case you missed it, see archived show:

Below our call as sent on May 15th 2007:

     "Nictoglobe invites you to send a short (max 500 words)  
submission which reflects upon ?creative resistance ? new media as  
soft arms? as an starting point to develop a more profound and  
public, artistic led discussion about this subject."


A. Andreas - Publisher Nictoglobe

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