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Re: <nettime> ICT&S Researchers: Towards Critical Internet Theory

The passage into official (social) science of concepts
and ideas developed at the grass root level by
free/independent/non-institutional(ised) thinkers is going to dodge
us till Judgement Day (will come sooner than you want to believe
;-), complete with attribution to themselves of these very ideas
and concepts (see by whom now the term 'Internet gift economy' was
'coined' in Geert's original post). I am trying to live with it. What
is difficult however, is to suffer the bottomless despise displayed by
the same circles towards the originators, refered to as 'informants'
at best, but usiually as little better than clueless, and despiceable,

On another 9but the same) plane, there was in the Wall Street
Journal's last week-end edition (20-23 sept) a fantastic op-ed
by a German columnist from Die Zeit in which Al Quaeda and the
counter-globalisation movement were 'theoretised'into basically
one and the same thing. After reading it, the state prosecutor who
had Alej H. helicopetered all the way from Berlin to Karlsruhe on
accusation of furnishing the intellectual instruments to terrorist
groups ('gentrification', 'globalisation' etc.) appeared somewhat
more understandable, if not less brain-damaged. Now I couldn't find
the article on-line, since the WSJE archives is for subscribers only.
If anyone has access, please forward it to the list. It's really
enlightning - in a perverse sense - reading.

Cheers from Groningen, patrizio and Diiiinooos!

Ceterum censeo: all should read Brian's absolutely fantastic FutureMap
piece (!!!

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