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Re: <nettime> ICT&S Researchers: Towards Critical Internet Theory

Brian Holmes wrote:
> Thanks Geert, this post is extremely interesting because it shows how
> we, acting basically as a grassroots avant-garde network (yup, that's
> how it is), created behaviors and ideas in the late 1990s and early
> years of this decade which are now being made into official sociology.

but aren't a bunch of us working in academia, just in different areas
than sociology? is that still co-optation of the ideas from the
streets and the jungles? where's the line between articulation and
co-optation? aren't we all co-opting other philosophers and artists
anyway, like deleuze, zizek, plato, kaprow, debord, and making their
ideas ours, with just a little tweaking? wasn't deleuze just co-opting
spinoza, nietzsche, reimann geometry and differential equations?

about co-optation, there's cnn's new I report. have you seen it?

people can send them video footage of news events and they play it on
cnn. it's a kind of "citizen journalism" (a totally shitty term that
privileges citizens) or "participatory media".

the nastiest part about it, that really shows the co-optation of
social movements for independent media, is that the logo is a lower
case i. so in the upper right hand corner of any footage send in, cnn
puts their logo


with the word "report" below it, like "i report".

its just missing the ((())) from indymedia's logo.

totally crazy.

i saw it in the airport.


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