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Here is a reply from Patrick at Global Vote. He has attached the english
brochure as a pdf, if it doesn't reach the list write to em and I shall
forward it.


Dear all,

There has been some discussion on the  <> , thanks for the feedback on the concept and
technology! Here some answers to clarify, the initiative is USA /
Netherlands based, we have foundational status in Netherlands and we are in
the process to get NGO status (501c application) in the USA, we don't have a
street address as we are a virtual organization :). We are a group of
committed individuals with extensive experience in the international arena
in different disciplines. We have started the GlobalVote because we believe
strongly in the potential of the project to effect positive change, and are
ambitious enough to follow through on our ideas in order to make it happen.

We believe that the current way of taking global decisions should be
reviewed. 15 men (average age 61, and 5 permanent veto members) going in a
room (UN security council) and taking decisions which might have impact on
everybody on the earth might have been a good scenario after the second
world war, but outdated in 2007.

Globalvote not only questions the way that global decisions are made, but
offers an alternative. We have the ambition to create a worldwide group
which discusses and votes on global issues.  The brochure temporarily
doesn't download but in the "about GlobalVote" you can find more details. If
you want to have more information send an email to
info@theglobalvote.organd we can share our business plan with you.
Thanks for all the people who
joined in the last days, we promise not to use your data for marketing
purposes but we need it to show that the people of the world might think
differently about certain global issues then the current group of decision

Let'smake, by providing shadow data, the discussion on how the way global
decisions are made more lively so changes and reforms in the way and in the
institutions will happen.

Regards, Patrick ( )

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> Mark has observed that he would recommend strongly against joining in
> in part because of their interest in personal data and the fact of no
> disclosure about privacy policy.

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