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Re: <nettime> "Googlex distorts reality"

chad scov1lle schrieb:

> "Moreover, Maurer was worried that Google could use its "almost
> universal" knowledge of what was happening in the world to play global stock
> markets to its advantage."

on the one hand i think that maurer is right in point out that google's 
monopoly is dangerous. on the other hand someone who has once heard 
maurer talk in person knows that he is a bourgeois luddite who doesn't 
see capitalism as the cause of such problems, but the internet as such. 
he is a computer scientist who comments on sociological phenomena 
without any critical consciousness, he does so with the instrumental 
techno-deterministic mind (which in my opinion is the germform of 
fascism, adorno and horkheimer will agree) of a typical computer 
scientist. his simple techno-pessimistic comments are dispensable and 
overall he is more a showman who is trying to stage himself and i 
personally completely disagree with what this guy is doing because there 
it is not at all critical of capitalism. the passge in capital by marx 
where he argues about the narrowmindedness of bourgeois luddites pretty 
good characterizes maurer.


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