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<nettime> !..on google.

"How will we old people explain "privacy" to the generations that have
grown up posting all manner of information and pictures to their
myspace pages that in previous years would have been fodder for

"The privacy you're concerned about is largely an illusion. All you
have to give up is your illusions, not any of your privacy. Right now,
you can go onto the Internet and get a credit report about your
neighbor and find out where your neighbor works and how much they
earn," - Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle

wake up.  Google's business model is *usage data* = value.  Their goal
is to monopolize all web based apps and sell the usage information to
government or business entities.  The U.S. 'Intelligence Community'
has been stimulating Google's growth for some time now, in return for
unrestricted access to Google's database.  The level of information
they can garner cheaply about any citizen is absolutely astounding.
If you aren't concerned you don't know enough.  Where Microsoft was
able to collect limited information about you through a closed OS,
Google can collect *every click*, with no loose strings.  This 'Web
2.0' economy is actually a marketplace for users and usage data*.

the list goes on and on...

want to know more?

B A T - K O L


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