chad scov1lle on Wed, 2 Jan 2008 00:14:11 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Google distorts reality

Hi Keith,

As always, good post. I am in wholehearted agreement with you
concerning the subject of 'pump and dump' tactics leveraged by
securities brokers intending on the manipulation of market volatility
perception. The electronic amplification of dispersal platforms
certainly makes exacerbates the maximal impact of such named

The part of your essay which was the most poignant to me, was
the following; 'The question is, given the current form of the
spectacle-or whatever you'd like to call it-how may one oppose it?'

Now, isn' this the million dollar question. Would I dare say, that
this is the central issue which should be addressed, now that
trans-aestheticism in the humanities has been pinnacled, reached,
obliterated, and completely embraced? Is not this the very item of
resurgence that demands the response of the creative community? Is
this the stratagem which should be engaged by contemporary artists? I
think so....

What is the most effective device by which those strategies can
be best utilized? Sleep with the enemy, know the specificities
and intimacies by which the logic of the machine operates. Make
every effort at intelligence operations to infiltrate the corporate
demeanor, and learn the nuances by which the said system operates.
With much research, it it my opinion that the said objective of
opposing the technological determinism and centralization schemes
which we seem to be so ardently headed can be at least partially
neutralized. Art (I hate using that term, for it really carries a
vestigial, legacy, and outdated perception of modes by which certain
aesthetics are expressed but you have to call it something - kind
of like referring to a Sun Galaxy Server as a Mainframe) is the
most effective tool to inform and introduce into the collective
consciousness of the public a certain wariness of possible dangers of
technological determinism. The path to utopia is paved with blood.

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