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Re: <nettime> "Google distorts reality"

I am really enjoying this dialogue on Google! 

My friend the artist Michael Caputo and I were discussing this motif of Man
and his Tools, under the context of Hal 9000 and Arthur C. Clarke's in
terpretation of how 2001 in a critical commentary man's collective history
with tools, and a possible future whereas these tools become an appendage, an
extension of environmental intelligence, something that increases man's
intuitive interpretation of a world whereas his primitive senses are able to
only detect a minute semblace of the wide swath of reality. I think the
vector we are headed on is machines as appendage. The narrative has already
been fed to us from likes of Clarke, as well as Asimov. Reverse mimesis. 

Google as a application of universal knowledge is bounded by the depth of our
own dynamic of sense possibillities. It's not like we have extraterrestial
intelligence or some other form of superintelligence that is funnelling data
into Google providing a extended array of knowledge architecture for us to
dissect and analyze. 

Privacy? What privacy do you really have? I think I heard a quote recentl y
that said something to the effect that a citizen of a first-world economy is
captured on film some two hundred times a day? The banking system you use
already has all of your financial records and critical personal data on file.
It's a possibillity that even that has been compromised by a black-hat at
some point or another. What's left? What type of sex you like? There is
someone somewhere that knows that very intimately, providing you are into
having sex. 

Don't get me wrong, the idea of intricate details of my personal life being
banalized to the point where it becomes a neuro pathway in a strangers brain
on another continent is scary. The then again, at some point across the IP
network which is relaying this SMTP message between you and I, a Echelon
detection appliance is mining the mail, searching the text, and storing it
for future analysis. We have the illusion of privacy. 

Closed systems never survive. Are you a Wintel, a Mac, or a Linux box? 

The creative act is a starting point as a differentiator between each other.

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Hmmm, another study, but there shouldn't be any gasps of surprise -- 
except maybe from those who are just now waking up...

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