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<nettime> Sharing is Sexy.org is live

//We are sexy guerillas, running through the city at night with ski 
masks on and our dildos strapped to the barrels of our M16's like 
grenade launchers for orgasms. You've probably seen us at a sex party, 
or a queer film screening, but we were blending in, totally clandestine, 
hiding our g and p spot powers under our ordinary sexy as hell 
appearance. We are artists and activists who you've marched with, locked 
down next to, screamed beside, sipped wine at ridiculous art openings 
with and chuckled at the whole situation, or painted banners and fixed 
your bikes with, or sat across from on the bus. We like our anonymity 
and try to maintain it...//

Finally, after a year of collective love, sweat and juices, 
http://www.sharingissexy.org is available for your horny little eyes. We 
encountered a lot of difficulty along the way, institutional resistance 
from a university that was hosting the site, the challenges of getting 
our legal questions answered while operating on an anti-capitalist's 
(i.e. no) budget, our own hesitations and changing energy levels, but 
now its here.

I'm writing this announcement on my own, its not a collective statement, 
but it is still my hope that this project can help spread queer love and 
lust and help to overthrow heteronormativity, capitalism, war and 
monogamy. I hope that people will look at our little creation and get 
off, and that might help them imagine a world without gender (and 
national) borders, might help them get out of the army by cross dressing 
into the mess hall, might help bring an end to capitalism by adding 
eroticism to the world of copyright free imagery.

But are we doing enough? Do we even know who we are? Or what we want? 
That is the most important part o the project for me, is the process of 
experimentation, exploring the orifices of my identity and the spurtings 
of my desire, finding that what I want isn't available on a shelf and 
isn't compatible with the drives of global militarized capitalism.

In a way what we're doing is so very much in line with the kind of 
vanity capitalism that we see in myspace and facebook, and seems even 
similar to the avatarism of Second Life, so we're dangerously close to 
simply taking those commercial drives one step further. Still, I think 
that we've taken those drives to their illogical conclusion beyond the 
acceptable limits, and will continue to do so, and we meet resistance 
almost every day that embodies those limits and their police.

On monday we'll have more writing for you about the project, but for 
now, I'd love any feedback you might have on the project... See for 
yourself at http://sharingissexy.org


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