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Re: <nettime> Finnish and Dutch child porn filters

Karin Spaink writes:
 > Using his list I tested the Dutch kiddie porn filter and found 10
 > blocked sites: 1 UK, 1 defunct, 4 US and 4 Dutch sites. If the Dutch
 > police authorities, who compiled the Dutch balcklist, says they are
 > kiddie porn sites, they should shut them down and not force ISPs to
 > merely hide them.
 > Actually, what I found means that
 > a) Dutch parliament has been lied to: most sites _are_
 >    in countries that have valid laws against child porn
 > b) the Dutch police uses ISPs to clean up their mess.
 > Meanwhile, two political parties have asked questions in Parliament
 > about my findings.

Interesting question is whether it really is police force who wants
internet cencorship or are they merely pushing someone elses agenda,
using kiddie porn as their riding horse.. in finland a public servant responsible for assessing legality
of doings of goverment officials has been tasked to figure out whether
police here is acting in lawful manner in 
 1) not telling local police in europe and northern america about
    possible kiddie porn sites, most likely in most european countries 
    police would at least try to do something if there really were
    real kiddie porn in there ; and in
 2) putting a cencorship-system in place, this is kind of forbidden
    in the first place by finnish constitutional law :-)

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