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<nettime> Google INC. vs Wisdomized Clouds

Dear Nettimers,

I am not shure it this fits into the discussion about google, and it is 
no scientific intention behind this text at all,
but after presenting this text as part of GWEI from in 
berlin its on my harddrive and i want to put it out.
so dont take it to serious and maybe you will have fun by reading this 
piece planed as a - spoken word slam lecture -
for transmediale 08....


Google INC. vs. Wisdomized Clouds
Author: Grischinka Teufl

Part of: GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself
Hans Bernhard, Alessandro Ludovico, Lizvlx, Paolo Cirio

Transmediale 08 – Conspire
Bilderberg: Saturday 02.02.2008 13:30

What we already know! Google is a winner story and the representation 
of the anglo-american dream as well. Two students (Larry Page and 
Sergey Brin) rule the internet out of their dormitory room by the 
simple idea of a search-engine. With the powerful page-rank algorithm – 
it’s nothing about pages, it’s about Larry Page the inventor of the 
algorithm – they set up a new paradigm of dealing with information in 
the net. We all know how the story is going on, now we have become 
googlers, googling ourself and others out (of the game). Today we face 
more than the google-search-engine, it has become a core engine to 
organize our hermeneutics of the digital everyday:

- Searching,
- Mapping,
- Tagging,
- Talking,
- Feeding
- Mailing,
- Advertising
- Analyzing,
- Calculating

and many more things can be done within the multiverse of google 

These actions are the emerging ingredients of media-integrated everyday 
life on the net – becoming the main features of communicational 
self-organization within the parameters of information-societies and 
google is willing to provide all of them. Should we really let one 
business company provide all this services for FREE? The easy-minded 
part of the brain screams FREE&EASY – so HELL YES lets do it! After the 
draining loudness of hysteric FREE&EASIness – which indeed everybody 
loves, a quiet questions comes up - because we are already trained that 
FREE&EASY can be a trap – So the question is:

What is the price we have to pay – there has to be a price ?

And YES there is a price – instead of taking a few nickels out of our 
pockets – they use us as a »human resource« which provides them with 
information, clicks, personal data, a.s.o. Better than in the times of 
push-button machinery and assembly-lines we are not anymore working 
under the agenda of a fordistic, proletarian disposition, we are a 
self-empowered and enlightened prosumers which are supplying this model 
for FREE. So forget about the concept of FREE – it is just another way 
of control and this control grounds on the modulation of ubiquitous 
control-mechanisms. So where can we find the controllers in this 
system. We can’t find them easily because we don’t have access to them 
and without access the ubiquity is hidden and invisible.

We can seek the impact of control in the desire state of 
individualistic symbol-configuration, creating a personal golem of 
selfish sociocultural-representations, paying
off our needs with power-egoistic programs, trusting the clumsy 
embodiment of mediated selfdesign. Truly we are placed in a state of 
hallucination, fed by immaterial substances and triggered by 
inquisitiveness. Sounds like a LSD trip for the straight edged 
empowered, distributed by machiavellian dealers of virtuality. They are 
providing a beautyful environment of »bread and circuses« embeded in a 
closed circuit installation of mediated coupling, eating up the 
digital-slaves by weapons of self-destruction.

The rise of the Abject blinded by shiny skins and blinken lights of 
interfaced manipulations is uprooted from the empire of immaterial 
economy. YOU have been taken out of the political and conceptual 
responsibility of structural-mindfulness and instead YOU are provided 
with a substitution of aesthetical freedom. Telling you how beautiful 
you are inside of your powerless environment of ludicracy, filling up 
the batteries for an superior entity. It simply shows the fact that 
history repeats itself only with other special effects. So far the 
questions of digital-value has been cryptified under the label of 
quantitative data-clouds and the distributers of high-end  
simulation-engines to interface your inner-face. The virtual value of 
info-trusted syntagmas has been simplified to a oligopoly 
information-machinery which sucks any information into the complexity 
of algorithmic machine-communication and puts it on display for the new 
traders of the vireal marketplaces. BUT!

Isn’t it to easy to point the finger at the dark side of power? Is 
there nothing else in the box we have to understand to get a practical 
criticism on the way? Crying for a babysitter of the babysitters puts 
the poor sucked out subject in the position of the baby. So what! It’s 
like back in the times were Gutenberg was a revolutionary - empowered 
the masses by providing the proprietarien information of the clergy to 
the crowd. Spinning the metaphor in the future, google can become the 
most powerful legislator of the cybergod (called) internet. Who will 
take the role of Gutenberg in this context is still an open question. 
Maybe the lovely attitude of flat heterarchic networks and nodes 
sharing grid-computed knowledge within grass-rooted democracy? So far 
this movement doesn't provide a scalefree alternative to 
highspeed-mightful immaterial concepts of control-capitalism, not even 
a comparable growth-rate of harmful clients. Clear is that if someone 
wants to deal with complexity only complexity itself can be introduced 
as problem-solver. Working in the drugstore of knowledge forces the 
employee of ideology to have an idea (clue) of the assortment and how 
the ranking of goods is negotiated in the shelfs and stocks of 
info-ware. The secrets of conspired advertisement can’t be blamed as 
cultural devolution, they have to be handled within the history of 
exchange and education to establish a new typology within selforganized 
shareholder –values of transparency, reformatting the dominant 
structures of consumerism. Nevertheless the cultural program of 
(indoctrinated) egoistic altruism needs a descripted coding - means: 
externalized observation about the control-aggregation and 
tranformation-syntax - the rules of policy-modules and their 
dissemination. At the moment, within the dynamic industrialization of 
digital media-cultures, there is no freeze-framing available and the 
liquified impact of always-ON technocracy is like foggy dew evaporation 
in the heat of sunless cybernetic processes. Like the cold fascination 
of futurism leading to a symbolic state of propagandistic 
decoy-rhetorics, which we already get to know by meeting the early 
hysteric inquisition of last century. It’s an open secret that every 
re-evolutionary mindset is infected by its own strength and narcism, 
falling in love with the mirror of selfreflection and then getting 
endoscoped by the internal power of senseless destruction – leaving the 
stage with a bitter taste of decay in the mouth and breathing the 
poisoned air of originated self-pollution.
The nature of heterarchic culture has to be seeded by the torrents of 
wisdomized crowds organized in cloudy dynamics of cooperative 
intelligence bringing back the proclamation of spiritual theory-design 
about multifactoral-fictions and open deployed net-utopias. The 
data-type of the backuped spirit is already unreadable and transformed 
by new objectives and methods reassembling the movement of 
counter-cultures in pseudo-situationalism, loading transcultural 
killer-ADDS, treating everybody as customer or product! Common-sensing 
the lost roots of enlightenment is like pushing the wheel of fortune - 
endlessly dreaming of jackpotting a concept of decomposition by 
hijacking policy-makers. While the rise of the machine injected a 
double binded global layer of interpassivity to the users by 
fragmenting the clusters of liability in desperate regimes of 
supernumeraries, giving the power of choice to the gang leaders of 
early adopting technocrats with a sense of commercialism. The questions 
about re-creating the nature of culture within binary dualism has been 
immediately treated like a byproduct of the absorbing 
innovation-clusters. Preaching the brave new worlds of endlessly 
connected oceans by data-highways, the awareness for the inaugurated 
con-structures of surveillance have been hardly established within the 
meatspaced ambience.

No wonder! We are still paralyzed by the dromologic rise of networked 
societies and so far nobody can even explain why it has been this 
successful on a global scale. We can explain how one thing leaded into 
another from teleologic war technology to hyper-coded cultural programs 
of social networking. We started to count the web-evolution instead of 
elaborating basic research observations ourself. Still we can’t explain 
why the situation brakes out like a virus in almost no-time everywhere 
at the planet and infected everybody who was able to access a computer 
with telephone extension. Has there been an extraterrestrial take-over 
by predominant infobots and neuronal network-crawlers, sniffing your 
great expectations and dreams, exchanging it with a psychotropy of 
consensual-hallicunated operation systems? Always the best time to 
infiltrate odd generators of invasion by externalized triggers of 
inexplicability. Even from the perspective of media-evolution it is 
still a paradox phenomenon that digital communication took over the 
planet in a couple of decades – comparing to other media-evolutional 
shifts this is still an unbreakable record! The directions for blended 
research and I-knowledge are still clouded by questions about 
post-typographic configurations of immaterial industrialization, 
heavily loaded by the personal fear of losing the fundament of 
humanity. Acting like the best product of earth the human target seems 
to be empowered from the repression of nature, not realizing that this 
navigation leads to the new selfmade subservience of disempowerment 
through mediamorph-lifestyle. Not like in the movies where the 
artificial invasion is terminating the human race or using them as 
batteries, we have to face the fact, that no higher entity can be 
blamed for the human negligence. If someone is enslaving humans, it 
will be the parts of human race itself who are the most remarkable 
experimentators on dark sozio-mutation and existenzialistic 

So here WE are the smart-mob of infotainment, the by-product of 
biodynamic shifting, trying to find faith and glory in artificial 
beta-testing ourself by prototopes of abstraction, always hunting for 
the next cool, waiting for the next spin of synaptic fire which makes a 
self-fulfilling prophecy more worthy than yet another paradigm-shift 
which leads to unstabilization and uncanniness. Instead of waiting for 
new role-models like Lovink or Negri we should compensate the fever of 
datadandysm – trying to avoid the pornography of simulacrum – plan the 
perfect crime against metanoia by connecting the dots of complexity 
within the multitudes of chaos.
Forget to feed the trolls of egocentric crucifycation, the slayers of 
cooperative vectorization and try to find some slots for a desideratum 
of collaborative knowledge-culture. Instead of getting a shag out of 
the unsettled self-realization take your time to sniff out the 
backdoor, to set an action of brut force attacking the thief's of 
sociocultural autopoiesis. The game-play of designing an alternate 
complexity should lead us to an error-friendly concept of live-able 
hacks in a mediamade-empire of information, taking over the steering 
wheel of accessability, rewriting the laws of cool by putting the 
babysitters in the perambulator and cruise through the multiverse of 
alternative paradigms with the beauty of anti-hollywoodlike happy 

Words! Concepts! Theories! Cheap bombs of virality – the game-play of 
creative destruction is on fire by anti-subjective intermediaries of 
immateriality – digging up the fetishism always knowing there is an 
exit strategy which leads to total convergence of hidden targets. Back 
on earth – snap-shooting my own reality-tunnel by acting the sexy 
guerilla attitude against the beautiful beast of on-demand 
cyberpoiesis. Selling out the delusion of net-mediated counterculture 
forces the emergence of deadlocked scenarios – hopefully leading to a 
model transforming the subjected gatekeepers of romanticism into 
troubleshooters of critical counterparts, fomenting the realm of an 
open source intelligence, developing cultureware which is leading to 
the desired state of free sharing with a cooperation-model designed for 
the next step of knowledge-evolution without burning the potentials for 
coming generations. This is impossible without creating new 
socio-global standards for the system of informationalism. To rewrite 
the programs of consumerism we have to become polylogic smartjects 
knowing about our weakness for subservience and from time to time train 
ourself to switch off the machines formating the harddrive and start 
from the beginning by re-inventing our-self before re-inventing the 

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