Matze Schmidt on Mon, 24 Mar 2008 12:11:58 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Google INC. vs Wisdomized Clouds


hm, isn't google just a service people are paying for? paying here would

- taxes for states who support companies (like google) with subventions

- things you buy via google

- the circled money which comes to advertising agencies putting ads on


all this, esp. the last pont, leads to another model of "social income"
and its circles of reproduction, an other model of society instead of
consumerism and control society (it's not the whip anymore since ~200
years, not just since foucault/deleuze) and a total other concept of the
worker. as 'we' are not (like toffler propheted) prosumers, but still
workers free of production means (see the "pro", in the word
"prosumers") and free to sell our labor for wages - workers for values 
to flow into machines like google. we produce what we consume. but we
pay for what we have produced. that's the crazyness at first glance. and
conditions for this 'we' are - thesis - _still proletarian_ and not
_self-empowered but stupid_.


> instead of taking a few nickels out of our
> pockets – they use us as a »human resource« which provides them with 
> information, clicks, personal data, a.s.o. Better than in the times of 
> push-button machinery and assembly-lines we are not anymore working 
> under the agenda of a fordistic, proletarian disposition, we are a 
> self-empowered and enlightened prosumers

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