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Re: <nettime> Soviet Antarctica: Ice, Ice, baby...

> anansi5000@gmail.com (Tue 07/08/08 at 08:21 AM -0400):
>> Here goes: it's going to be in the style of a silent movie - we have
>> weird footage of the first Soviet expedition, and it will be a kind
>> of science fiction type intermission in the middle of my film -
>> very "propaganda" a la Stanislav Lem's Solaris or Boris and Arkady
>> Strugatsky - two of the Soviet Union's top science fiction writers.
>> By the way, all of the text below will be translated into old school
>> Soviet propaganda fonts for the film.
> Spooky, I know it's hard to tell all those ex-Easterners apart with
> their crazy writing and all, but Lem was Polish. How does conflating
> Poland and the USSR fit in with the past views you've expressed on
> various kinds of oppressive relations?

Yes but Solaris the movie (1972, based on Lem's book) was directed by  
Andrei Tarkovsky who is indeed Russian.


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