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Artists: UBERMORGEN.COM / Author: Grischinka Teufl


"Ebay" is trying to be the accountant of an open business-place by  
initializing a lucid dream of endless credibility to the users. The  
big picture shows a romantic bazaar of richness and goods, a place  
where prices are made by bargaining the value of assembled things.  
Neatly structured in boxes and frames, tagged by numbers, aligned and  
approached by magical opponents of adorable displays. The imagery of  
trade appears in its loveliest form of exchange, accompanied by  
convenient environments and flattering sounds, to please the  
purchaser with the charm of wealth and surplus. The participation in  
creating substantial transactions, offers everyone a part-time  
approach in common sensed gold-rushes, fevered by the obsession of  
king-sized earnings, selling off things and non-things. Work becomes  
the pleasure of bidding and rating, writing histories of reputation  
within the exiting game-play of liquefied vividness and sampled  
repetition of digital "(algo-)rhythmic".


As part of their sustainable trilogy the critical level of  
"UBERMORGEN.COM"’s media-integrated storytelling has reached the  
coastline of business-island "Ebay". Braking the waves of cyber- 
spaced e-commerce tsunamis by transforming singular binary micro- 
transactions of homo oeconomicus into auditive vortexes and granular  
compositions by pirating privacy. An army

of wiredrawn networkbots has been injected into vireal complexity by  
the hackers of hidden imaginaries. Conducting a maniac model of  
quantitative signals and preparing a groovy listening comprehension  
for unmarked patterns of sound-full recognition. Off the record ,  
this time they are transforming a rolemodel of individual selling and  
buying behavior into an "ARTtitude" of robotic configurations and  
strings by swapping personalized and compositional business-dreams  
with hitpotentized sound-designs from secure client-accountability.  
Using the concept of creative destruction this entertainment- 
aggregation is tuning in a mind-blowing cutup of eclectic data-jams,  
pushing the contemporary mediamorph lifestyles over the edge and  
combines it with transformable delays of post-realistic business- 
analyses. It mashes up the proposition of economical interest with  
the joy of multifactorial abstraction-vectorizations to push the one- 
dimensional programming of bubble-ideologists into a new form of user- 
generated massmusic-movement. By discovering this undetected  
entropolis, the colonization of data-hungry network-crawlers and  
blackboxed info-transformers is feeding a suspicious synaesthesia  
within the neatly structured columns of profit-orientated socio- 
technological networks.


"The Sound of Ebay" enables a twisted plot of alternate click- 
dealership and a vast amount

of entertainment value. The whitelabeled edition of blackboxed  
computation is presenting diametral economic controversies of our  
times within a model of bleeding edge, upside-down and visionary sub- 
culture. To ground this parameters within an abstraction-level of  
artificial beta-testing, the unlikelyhood of economic inexplicability  
is reduced to its maximum, by providing an outlandish and inspiring  
interface of presumable audio-visual data-recordings. Through this  
concern no more thinking and intellectual resistance is announced,  
the approach is to sit back – letting the bots do the dirty work and  
finally listen to the super-personalized collection of unauthorized  
material from automated sound-aggregation, directly developed out of  
highly sensitive, inaccessible and unreachable data.


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