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Re: <nettime> [spectre] Klaudio Stefancic: New Media Art in Croatia

Maybe because national institutional centralized networks on the net are 
quite disfunctional but despite the fact they tend to have an 
institutional explanation (if not even an interpretative colonialism) 
backwards /retro-actively, retrospectively.../, while intuitive, 
displaced international networks are more friendly and they are used 
rather than imposed as a meaning.


> or Ana...
> z
> On Sun, 13 Jul 2008, Ana Peraica wrote:
>> Unfortunately not any mention of Zvone and Maja or Syndicalists...
>> ana
>> Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>>> (cross-posted from nettime by permission; apologies for all the 
>>> broken special characters...)
>>> From: "Klaudio Stefancic" <>
>>> Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 19:51:28 +0200
>>> Subject: <nettime> [nettime] New Media Art in Croatia
>>> dear nettimers,
>>> here i would like to contribute with my text 'new media new networks'.
>>> it is about  new media art and culture in croatia from the late 1980's
>>> till 2005. the text is written last year and it was meant to be
>>> published in a reader dedicated to history of croatian art from 1940's
>>> to the 1990's and aimed to international audience. it was one of the
>>> reasons why i've decided to use a sociocentric approach in attempt to
>>> represent this period of media art in croatia and to combine it with
>>> the art theory of modernism and avantgarde. on the basis of my
>>> research i also made a small homonymous exhibtion in galzenica gallery
>>> in zagreb/velika gorica this year. the text is also available for
>>> download here

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