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Re: <nettime> [spectre] Klaudio Stefancic: New Media Art in Croatia

finally some discussion where also my name is in charge... thanx to
everybody who were spreading the word around... i subscribed again...

so.. i have couple business proposals to offer... i definitively think
that klaudio (being my good friend) put me too many times in the text
(check out for nenad romic aka marcell mars)...

i would like to sell out my name from the text... anyone with the last
name ending up in *ic or *rs can bid for their place in the text...

+ i have few hundreds of soros' money on my bank account which i would
like to sell also.. "buy now" exchange rate is 66% but if there is
more than one person interested in the deal auction will be held on my
private mail: (don't worry about showing my mail
clearly as google has great spam protection..)...


p.s. yes.. i know.. irony is cheap.. and subscribing just for sending
lousy jokes is cheap too... too bad...

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