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Re: <nettime> [spectre] Klaudio Stefancic: New Media Art in Croatia

pity no one will believe me on this one...

i really like the idea of history seen and written from foaf
perspective and not from the institutional positions... klaudio, even
being my very good friend, would never do that right... he is ubuntu
user and every upgrade makes him nervous....

so dear ana if you will ever do that kind of article/essay with
references to walks of some historical value i must add few walks i
was part of....

during almost whole 1995. and especially 1996. teodor celakoski and me
were walking around as two crazy dudes.. and we were walking a lot..
when i say a lot i mean  A  L O T.... from one side of zagreb
(crnomerec) to another one (dubrava) and back in one night... we
preferred periphery and were avoiding centre of town but couldn't say
now that we were avoiding the centre that much because of ideological
reasons (even it would sound much better that way today)....

and during these endless walks we were talking a lot... at that time
teo worked in casino and i was trying to convince people that
everybody should call video game place where i worked cybercafe even
we didn't have any coffee served there... teo was the only one who
believed in my vision even he didn't sit in front of any computer at
all for the next two fucking years...

the most interesting moment which we both clearly remember was one
when we ended up at sunrise early in the morning sitting in the middle
of pedestrian area in the middle of big crossroad arguing if screen
should be considered as possible film expression technique (hr.
stilsko izrazajno sredstvo filma) or not..

teo still pejoratively call me inventor of "the wooden film" coz my
argument was that setting up the projection of the film on the tree
could be used as the very expression technique part of that very film
itself... he still thinks i'm crazy dude who can't distinguish the
definitions of the terms...

some time after teo stopped working in casino he bought a car and
that's how we got to labin in istria in 1998.... sadly, we never
really did walk'n'talks like these years of 1995. and 1996.

if this story is good enough for your essay no one would be as happy
as me and my best friend teo.. and i will never but never offer to
sell my name out of *that* text...

thanx for bringing me these beautiful memories back

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