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<nettime> Locative Media as War. By Sophie Le-Phat Ho

Here's an article about a project that I am collaborating on. While I 
think that its important for us to develop new analogies for social 
struggle beyond the binaries of war, its still a very interesting 
article, looking at biopower and the virtual and their role in locative 

 From the latest issue of .dpi magazine, published in Montreal.

An article by Sophie Le-Phat Ho reflects on the Transborder Immigrant 
Tool , an audacious and militant project developed by a group of artists 
from the electronic resistance movement out of the University of 
California's Calit2 Lab in San Diego...

…The project aims to reduce the number of deaths at the US/Mexico border 
by providing a device that migrants can use to locate resources, such as 
water caches and safety beacons, as well as situate themselves in the 
desert. The author explores the tool's intervention in bringing together 
questions of artistic value and humanitarian value in the current 
landscape of mobile and locative media art.

…Ce projet vise à réduire le nombre de morts à la frontière 
mexico-américaine par le biais d'un appareil que les immigrants pourront 
utiliser afin de repérer des lieux sécuritaires ou de l'eau, ainsi que 
d'être en mesure de se situer eux-mêmes dans le désert. L'auteur explore 
l'intervention que l'outil provoque en rapprochant la question de la 
valeur artistique avec celle de la valeur humanitaire dans le paysage 
actuel de l'art médiatique mobile et locatif.

Read more @.dpi magazine…



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