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<nettime> McCain, Daddy Yankee and what is 'Gasolina??'

Check out this DailyKos post, quite funny and really shows the incredible
cultural obliviousness of the McCain Campaign....

...a Latin music superstar named "Daddy Yankee" appeared with John McCain at
a mostly Latino high school in Phoenix. As Kos diarist LeftofArizona pointed
out, that McCain appearance was a violation of Arizona state law.

But the story doesn't end there. Before a crowd of giggling, excited Latina
teenagers, McCain plugged Daddy's big reggaeton club hit, "Gasolina." *What
McCain may not have known at the time was that "Gasolina" is a song about

Last night the Wall Street Journal posted an article quoting McCain aide
Brooke Buchanan saying that "Gasolina" was McCain's "favorite."

When asked what that song was about, the rapper smiled: "Energy

much more (and YouTube vids) at:

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