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<nettime> FN's Indian links in cyberspace (compiled from various sources)

FN's URLs (compiled from various sources)
More at

FLOSS toolkit: Nepali

UN Solutions Exchange ICT community

United Nations, Solutions Exchange (India)

GNOWSYS, Gnowledge Networking and Organizing system.

Understanding the world hunger problem
Food Force is a free-to-download educational video game.

Technology-enhanced learning in developing nations: A review
by Shalni Gulati.

Creating digital libraries with UNESCO open source software:
Workshop in Kerala in Sept.

Quest Alliance, education and technology:

Sarai's Project Resource Centre:

Software for Kids:

Digital Libraries, India network:

Yahoo's Indian citygroups:

GII-India mailing list (technology, etc)

Making alt. films at the lowest cost:

Vickram Crishna's blogs

400+ open concepts:

FLOSS toolkit: Nepali

Open Everything:

A low-cost TV based computer (Bangalore-inspired!)

Shhiksha India, FLOSS in schools via the CII:

Manish Rai Jain's Desktop Flickr Organizer (DFO) software

Konkani Wikipedia (inching its way to a full-fledged wiki):

Commons-Law (interesting!) mailing list, from Delhi:

LUG-BITSGoa, focussed on Free Software/Open Source:

ILUG-Gec (Goa)

Sarai FLOSS fellowships, Delhi:

B'lore candle-light vigil against software patents (photos):

More Flickr pix on the candlelight vigil against s'ware
patents, Blore:

LinuxChix-India URL:

Christ University, Bangalore MPhil in Comp Sc.

Anant Shrivastava's useful plugin for Wordpress:

Anant Shrivastava's (WordPress plugin author) links

Raseel's unleashing the geek within: , GISsection. This is an attempt in using
Free Open Source GIS tools with Indian language interface

Hindawi Launches Open Access Institutional Membership Program

Open Source approach to textbook publishing
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