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Re: <nettime> No Future

>> How are we to articulate the organizational practice of self-education
>> when a physical outside does not exist? From where do we organize the

why articulate it?  why not simply act?  (the 'physical outside' is a
conceptual framework that should be discarded for a more wholistic and
interconnected view which more accurately circumscribes the phenomena of

>> threat? We need to find a new and public line of escape: a way to
>> invent new weapons as Deleuze and Guattari (2004: 445) said, in a
>> scenario that is no longer physical but becoming more and more time
>> bound. We need to organize self-educational practices and workers
>> self- management at a new level: at the level of the institution.
>Yes, we all want self-education. But usually one needs resources: places,
>spaces, connections, archives, access. The internet can't solve the problem

self-education takes an open body-system that is able to receive the flows
that it is part of and moving through.  It also takes this condition and
the ensuing encounter with the Other.  Those are the base conditions for
self-education.  Nothing else is necessary. no cash, no institution, no

>of collective radical education. I think any attempt at self-education
>(given that we understand this really as collective radical education, as
>pure auto-education via solipsism won't get you very far) is still
>essentially bound to space, which is, to the 'physical' and the attempt to
>separate time from the 'physical' is a truly confused project. The level of

Why the deep Cartesian limits?   If we indeed are not in a situation to
encounter the Other (how many people are actually in that situation except
when in solitary confinement imposed by extremity) then, of course we may
still be reading and interpreting the incoming flow from out surroundings.
I learn when I receive this flow.


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