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Re: <nettime> No Future


If one proposes to 'simply act', I'm not sure how a highly theoretical
discourse of the Other will get anyone very far in acting upon pedagogy. But
simple action isn't ever that simple, is it?

There is action in questioning the possible centre of cognitive labour in
the University, and in this thesis, leading to an action toward
self-education. While, point being, the discussion of 'centres' of
resistance to capital has very much to do with the production of
subjectivity, I am not sure how a discourse of flows & Others aids in
grappling with the thesis under debate: that the University is centre to
global cognitive capital. (Or rather, I have guesses, but it's your post.)

If we want 'no ideology', perhaps the first question is how the kind of
theorizing you propose would be conducive to a noncorporate educational
apparatus given that such theorizing thrives in the current climate of
English Departments in highly corporatized universities.

I don't necessarily like this kind of question, as I think it's poorly
thought-out, but then so is the concept of 'ideology'.

I am also not sure how Otherness persists as a theoretical framework (of
action, no less) without a remainder or trace of the Outside. The border,
even if erased or crossed out, must remain, otherwise Otherness is abolished
in any 'more wholistic and interconnected view', which would preclude
Otherness. Or rather, such a wholistic and interconnected view would have to
interconnect with what cannot be connected with: such is the Other.

Fineness. But self-education is where, here?

Perhaps distinguishing between the original essay and my (and other's)
responses, as they are not of the same meat, would aid in untangling the
flow from its current blockages. Confusion.

This flow, be interrupt.

// <!>

>>> How are we to articulate the organizational practice of self-education
>>> when a physical outside does not exist? From where do we organize the
> why articulate it?  why not simply act?  (the 'physical outside' is a
> conceptual framework that should be discarded for a more wholistic and
> interconnected view which more accurately circumscribes the phenomena of
> life).

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