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<nettime> niqash: iraq elections, audio and video reports

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subject: iraq elections, audio and video reports
date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 10:12:59 +0100

Iraq Votes - Audio and Video Reports Online 

On January 31, 2009, provincial elections will be held in 14 of 
Iraq's 18 governorates with over 14,400 candidates from over 400 
political entities standing for election. MICT is producing audio and 
video reports on people, parties and politics from across Iraq.

[<->] WHY VOTE? Videos with Young Voters
In short video clips 20 young Iraqis express their very personal 
concerns, visions and expectations for the upcoming provincial 
elections. Produced by Hadi Mahood and Eyad Haman in partnership with 
UNDP Iraq.
[ (: ] Daily Audio Reports from Across Iraq
Fifteen correspondents from across the country report daily on 
parties and politics, current election developments and background 
The productions are aired daily on Iraqi radio stations nationwide 
and are available online. Produced in partnership with UNAMI.
Listen: <>

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