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<nettime> tripleC 6 (2): Special issue on "ICTs and society: PhD Students' Transdisciplinary Research Projects" published

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tripleC 6 (2): Special issue on "ICTs and society: PhD Students' 
Transdisciplinary Research Projects" published

This special issue, edited by Christian Fuchs, documents selected papers 
that were presented at the doctoral students conference "ICTs and 
society" that took place at the University of Salzburg on June 20-21, 
2008 (see 

tripleC (Cognition, Communication, Co-operation) is an open access 
journal that focuses on transdisciplinary research in information 
science and communication studies.

Contents tripleC (Cognition, Communication, Co-operation) -- Open Access 
Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society 6 (2):

Christian Fuchs
Introduction to the special issue on "ICTs and Society: PhD Students' 
Transdisciplinary Research Projects"

Muhammad M. Abdul-Mageed:
Online News Sites and Journalism 2.0: Reader Comments on Al Jazeera Arabic

Robert M. Bichler:
The dawn of the information age in least developed countries (LDCs): 
lessons learned from four case studies

Randall B. Kemp
Public participatory GIS in community-based disaster risk reduction

Alice Mattoni
ICTs in national and transnational mobilizations

Pedro Pereira Neto
Internet-driven changes in environmental NGO action

Alberto Pepe
Socio-epistemic analysis of scientific knowledge production in little 
science research

Andraž Petrovc(ic(
Reconfiguring socialities: The personal networks of ICT users and Social 

Christian Fuchs
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in Information and Communication Technologies & Society
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Co-Editor of tripleC - open access online journal on cognition, communication and cooperation for a global sustainable information society
New Book: Fuchs, Christian. 2008. Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age. New York: Routledge. 408 Pages.

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