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<nettime> Yann Moulier Boutang on Horatio Potel/ Derrida/ Minuit Publishers

After I reposted the nettime (and Sarai Reader List) message to the
Multitudes-Infos list, Yann Moulier Boutang had the following to say.
(translated with permission)

Dear Patrice,

Minuit Pulishing House (and more particularly in this case the widow of
Jerome Lindon, who's being advised by particularly prejudiced lawyers in
matters of intellectual property) is very principled when it comes to
putting online downloadable copyrighted material.

They do not recognise the right to private digital copy, and it's totally
useless to try to explain them that on this (Potel's -PR) site, for
instance, material would be put under Creative Commons License 2.0
(attribution, share alike, non-commercial)

Certain publishing houses and some copyright holders (authors or their
heirs or their representatives, i.e. publishers) are sometimes willing,
when asked beforehand, to reach an agreement for putting material online
under Creative Commons License 2.0., but as far as Minuit is concerned,
and to my regret, most other French publishers apart from Les Editions de
l'Eclat - well, just forget it.

It's stupid, mad, reactionary, counter-productive both for the sake of the
dissemination of the authors writings, and for the fact that the meagre
direct incomes lost that way are usually compensated by the PR such sites
generate for the paper copies, but it's like that.

But then what can you expect from a country that has just voted this
horrendous piece of legislation called HADOPI! (High Authority for the
Diffusion of works and Protection of rights on the Internet, aka 'Internet
and Creation' -PR)


Jean Noel Montagne writes also that the site is still reachable on

Someone mirrors this?

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