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<nettime> Review of The 4th Radiator festival by Trampoline on Furtherfield.

Review of The 4th Radiator festival by Trampoline on Furtherfield.

The 4th Radiator festival. Going Underground - Surveillance and 

Review by Marc Garrett.

Exploits in the Wireless City is the 4th Radiator festival and symposium 
to date, which lasted between 13-24 January 2009, 10 days of 
Exhibitions, Events, Screenings, Music, Artists' Talks and more. Marc 
writes about the commission for the festival 'Going Underground', 
enquiring how the works relate to the theme of Surveillance and 

In this article, you will also find reviews on work by Stanza, The 
Office of Community Sousveillance, Folke Kobberling & Martin Kaltwasser.

"A contemporary enactment of the Orwellian vision is now here and for 
real, millions of lensed spectres watch our every move around the 
country in the streets, as the constant drone of shopping serfs waddle 
around in their state imposed panopticon daze. In George Orwell's 
visionary novel Nineteen Eighty-Four the Thought Police could view and 
control citizens at any moment via a tele-screen, no one new whether 
they were being watched or not. Today, the UK Government is so rabid in 
its support of technocratic solutions to control its citizens, we are 
now the most watched soap opera by the powers that be on the planet. Us, 
who live in Britain are presently monitored by 4 million CCTV cameras, 
and if you happen to be living in London you are likely to be viewed on 
camera about 300 times a day."



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with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to 
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. Providing and 
asgaring platforms for creating, viewing, discussing and learning about 
experimental practices at the intersections of art, technology and 
social change.

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