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<nettime> 6 april movement & factory occupations

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re all,

i write you today  because it is the 6th of april,  a date marking the
birth of a movement in Cairo which mostly coordinates and grow online,
with a fixed yearly appointment on the streets.


(formerly 6april.blogspot.com - something still cached online)

and since i really can't keep it inside, let me add more.

we're  living in a  peculiar period,  just before  the "Epiphany  of a
Catastrophe":  it  is a  period  in  which  those who  foresee  what's
happening can be persecuted, lynched, imprisoned, exiled.

an inspiring picture  is offered by the earthquake  (~6 Richter) which
stroke  Abruzzo last  night,  for  which a  polemic  now started:  the
geologist Giampaolo Giuliani who  predicted the disaster was called to
court for "procurato allarme", that  is something like calling a crime
the act of giving an alarm.

i'm not sure what do you  think about the last tumults in London City,
i guess you have heard, a man  was killed by police it seems, for sure
he was the last person that they wanted to beat down...

factory     occupations    started     in     Paris    (deja     vu?!)
with kidnapping of managers.

also in London a factory was  occupied by its fired workers, the story
unfolds on http://london.indymedia.org webpages.

way better  initiatives for  fired workers, compared  to those  in USA
(one dumped  by IBM?! what a hot  geek gossip) who opened  fire in NYC
killing 13 immigrants, and another  fired-gunman the day after. i mean
just yesterday. quite some shocking news

as  time is accelerating,  we are  also.  online  is possible  to keep
yourself updated, its getting  more and more participative, with fluid
exchanges of ideas and views. and  you can even be persecuted for your
public opinion - expressed by a simple click - just joining a group on
facebook http://7arkt6april.blogspot.com

i was visiting Cairo exactly one year ago, on 6 of april, when factory
workers  in the  nearby "industrial  town" of  Mahalla went  to engage
police in the street with sword fights. have you heard of that?

there are  times when, for as  much as we  have heard and seen  in the
past  few   years  and  predictably   going  to  see   more,  military
intelligence had to strike the situation  to an end. i just wonder how
it is  going to happen today,  when the most  powerful intelligence is

and  most importantly,  how long  it all  has to  occur before  we can
represent the state of things?  the Epiphany of a Catastrophe?

 where are thou Orson Wells! with your martians to make us humble??!

well  i  believe  it  is  never  really convenient  to  ignore  a  bad
situation,  when it  is serious.   Italy is  at an  advanced  stage of
decomposition,  really close  to  a fascist  dictatorship  by now,  is
preparing  the youth  to  the  crisis scenario  hosting  a meeting  in
a clear  picture of  what is going  to be  the future (past?)  plan to
contain social unrest.

the End of Capitalism is painful.

what is the best we can do
to live long & prosper ?


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