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<nettime> INDIA: EC to undertake EVM randomisation for the first time

Would random tests be sufficient? What if the scenario (Arun's, I
think) of ensuring-that-the-party-with-the-most-number-of-votes-in-the-firs-two-hours-of-voting
wins is implemented? Or any other of a 1001 possible permutations and
combinations? Would there be any line-by-line inspection of the code?
Would the code be made public? If not, why? FN

EC to undertake EVM randomisation for the first time
Press Trust of India / New DelhiÂApril 5, 2009, 16:20 IST

In a bid to prevent any tampering of Electronic Voting Machines
(EVMs), the Election Commission (EC) has decided to use for the first
time a two-stage randomisation of the machines to avoid
pre-programming in favour of any particular candidate.

Under the process, the machines will be selected randomly before being
sent to the polling stations to make sure that nobody comes to know
beforehand to which polling station a specific EVM will be used.

"EVM randomisation procedure is being introduced in this general
elections. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that nobody can
know beforehand about which constituency or polling station a specific
EVM will be sent or used," a senior election official told PTI here.

During the first stage, serial numbers of the EVMs will be listed
under the jurisdiction of a District Election Officer. Then, the EVMs,
to be used in a particular constituency, will be randomly selected
through a computerised process.

Further randomisation will be done by Returning Officer afterwards to
determine which specific EVM will be used in a particular polling
station of that constituency.

EVM randomisation procedure was introduced in the recent assembly
elections, including to that of the Delhi assembly, the official said.

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