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<nettime> Human Strike after Human Strike

Human Strike after Human Strike
(on the occasion of the recent arrests in France)

>From Occupied London #4

by Johann Kaspar

Silently, and without much notice until recently, a series of
collective, anonymous French texts appeared between 1999 and 2007 that
effectively slashed open a gap into the seamless fabric of banal
political critique. Packed within the two issues of the journal Tiqqun â
subtitled, at one point, Conscious Organ of the Imaginary Party â is a
minefield of ideas barely tapped and hardly translated, including:
Theory of Bloom, Theses on the Imaginary Party, Man-Machine: Directions
for Use, First Materials for a Theory of the Young Girl, Introduction to
Civil War, The Cybernetic Hypothesis, Theses on the Terrible Community,
This is Not a Program, and How is it to be Done? Subsequently, an
anonymous Call surfaced which responded to Tiqqunâs provocations, laying
out more clearly just how it is to be done. Finally, in 2007 the
Insurrection to Come emerged, that searing text by the âInvisible
Committeeâ which the French government has recently described as a
âmanual for insurrection.â Using it as their only evidence, the Minister
of Interior has accused the alleged writers of âconspiracy to terrorismâ
in relation to the recent rail sabotages. . . .

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