John Young on Wed, 8 Apr 2009 19:27:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Google dubbed internet parasite by WSJ editor

Getting rid of advertising in news media is worth considering,
no matter the technology used, paper, airwaves, internet.

The need for advertising to support news is not an absolute,
merely a rationale for boosting profits, and worse, valorizing
advertising way beyond its value.

Consumer supported news, paying directly for access, bypassing
the hoary advertising intrusion, seems to work fairly well for books,
art works, sex, and other enterprises which sell products by a
simple pay as you get model.

Advertisers should try to sell their wares directly to consumers
and no longer pretend they are needed to costume news and
other products.

Pay $10 bucks for a newspaper? Why not? At least the useless
rags would die, or better, never be invented and recycled as
socially beneficial.

A lot of media peddle trash to peddle ads, with little content
other than puke regurgitated repeatedly.

No doubt middle persons will insinuate themselves into any
model of communication, whtether priests, teachers, lawyers, critics,
counselors, busybodies and gossips, yes, intellectuals (spit) and
philosophers (gag). No offense to those hustlers and con artists
and panhandlers here, much.

A ban on bloated resumes, too. A creator should make a case
for every sale, no riding on one's past accomplishments, no
ads for peurility and wizened theft from youngsters and unwary
bed mates who are taught to think love of venerables is a 
good thing, so sayeth the good book of bridge selling.

Google will wither and be replaced when ads are extinct, or
when it has to produce a product worth paying for. Anybody
who has been fleeced by Google to run its dinky ads or buy its
sterile ads, knows the racketeering par excellence.

The rise of search engines of all stripes, along with the burgeoning

archives and wikes, portends an accounting to come for the public 
trust in freebies and participations when the data gathering is 
cashed in by sale to governments and corporations, then as now 
by the media industry, oops, forget not the educational and
salvation industries.

Holier than ever, absolutely essential to the survival of democracy
(puke) they forever yell, building edifices of gargantuan scale,
well, Google-like. Bashed a highly reputable tenured lately?

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