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<nettime> [[[ edu-factory News]]] ::Solidarity with the students of the New School from La Sapienza::

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.:: *Solidarity with the students of the New School from La Sapienza::.
*We are members of the Italian student movement who have been continuously
mobilized since last autumn against the cycles of university reform, against
an unstable job market and for a new student 'welfare'. *We have
passionately followed your action at the New School on April 10 and we've
been following your struggle for the resignation of President Kerry, guilty
in our eyes of creating a corporate university administration who blatantly
disregards the interests of the students and faculty, the core of the
university. With the careful attention we pay to protest movements in other
countries, we bared witness to the police repression and brutality that the
university administration unleashed on its students. As we are all part of
world-wide student struggles, we want to express our solidarity with your
movement and all arrestees. [...]

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