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<nettime> Furtherfield in support of Ada Lovelace Day.

Furtherfield in support of Ada Lovelace Day.

Ada Lovelace Day 
( was conceived 
of and promoted by Suw Charman-Anderson as a way of "bringing women in 
technology to the fore". It was successful in motivating nearly 2000 
people to publish a blog post about a woman in technology whom they 
admired. In support of Ada Lovelace Day invited women 
working in media arts to join the email list  
( for a week, between 23rd and 30th March.

Invited contributors posted information about their own work alongside 
the work of other women who had inspired them in their own practice. 
Some names came up a number of times but with different stories and for 
very different reasons. NetBehaviour provided a context for sharing and 
discussing influences and tracing connections: artistic, practical, 
theoretical, technical, historical, personal. For readability this 
edited list does not include all of the discussion but this can be 
traced back through the NetBehaviour archives.

Some contributors were anxious about the many excellent people who may 
have been missed out. We know this is not a definitive survey or list 
but it is an excellent resource and just one possible starting point for 
anyone wanting to know more about women working in media art.

A big THANKS to all of those - women and men - who contributed to this 

Here it is:

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