Patrice Riemens on Thu, 24 Sep 2009 16:23:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Has Facebook superseded Nettime?

Right On! And there is possibly a 'geographic' gap as well. Nat Muller
told me the other day that in Egypt, 'nobody' uses e-mail any longer,
everything is on FaceBook. That probably holds true in a lot of 'younger'
countries. If you're not on FaceBook (and/or Twitter), you're out of the
loop. And my one generation younger friends in Amsterdam tell me basically
the same. And I do indeed feel being more and more out of the loop.

To me, it looks fairly hopeless: (i) we won't close the numbers gap with
FB with any f/oss / p2p application. (ii) many of us won't make the jump,
but if they do, they'll leave the old mediums. (iii) 'free' (as in beer)
web 2.0 apps are possibly going to collapse in a near future under the
twin crush of energy over-consumption and financial constraints, leaving
quite a many people and groups beached.

I dunno, I felt very confy with the old 'new' media, lists, e-mail, etq. I
remember Geert Lovink saying once "no new media before the old ones are
finished" ...

I'm afraid I am bowing out.

Cheers all the same,
patrizio and Diiiinooos!
(got a new samovar, a real one!
works on charcoal, and yet is very easy to handle & cool-down & clean...)

> Perhaps this isn't relevant to the analysis of this vs that but I
> think noone has mentioned a generation gap. None of my graduate
> students know what a list is (Graduate Fine Arts, School of Visual
> Arts, granted not new media  but still).

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