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<nettime> Influencers, Barcelona, february 4 - 6

dear nettimers

a small conference with a lot of action for those who will be in  
Barcelona next week...

in the last few years a lot of things changed in the /tactical/ side  
of tactical media and it's maybe time to ask a few questions again:  
how do DIY grassroots practices deal, clash, mutate or just ignore  
mainstream cultures? how are new collective narratives built? why is  
taking risks so important to build them?

(for those who won't attend, the videos will be on line soon after)


- - -

* The Influencers *

Art, communication guerrilla, radical entertainment
Presentations, screenings, workshops, actions
A project by Bani Brusadin, Eva & Franco Mattes a.k.a.  

February 4 - 6, 2010
Center of Contemporary Culture - Barcelona, Spain

With the participation of:
Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men, ZEVS, James Acord, the author of  
Donkeypedia and, the NYC chapter of the Black Label  
Bike Club, Joan Leandre a.k.a. Retroyou, Steve Kurtz and Steve Barnes  
of the Critical Art Ensemble

The Influencers is a three day think-tank that tackles the potential  
of non conventional communication in contemporary society. We are  
interested in exploring the hybrid zones wherein autonomous  
experiments and mainstream culture blend and collapse into one  
another. Projects that stem out of a deeply rooted do-it-yourself  
attitude, even when they develop into complex, large scale projects.

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