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<nettime> darkmatter Journal - special issue: Pirates and Piracy

darkmatter Journal
Special issue: Pirates and Piracy

Debates about piracy have long featured certain telling
contradictions. At different times, pirates have been seen as both
violent monsters and colourful folk heroes. They have been cast by
historians and cultural critics as both capitalist marauders and
militant workers fighting for a restoration of the commons. The pirate
has become a compelling symbol of freedom: freedom from oppressive
work routines; freedom from polite behaviour; freedom from
institutional controls; freedom from restrictive property laws;
freedom from unjust social conventions surrounding race and gender
roles. We now apply the pirate label to an assortment of activities –
from the formation of transgressive sexual identities to the
technology-assisted defiance of copyright law. This special issue of
darkmatter sets out to examine the complicated and often incongruous
cultural meanings assigned to pirates and piracy in the twenty-first

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