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Re: <nettime> Bruce Schneier: U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google

Schneier is Chief Security Officer for British Telecom which like
all communications providers run lucrative businesses aiding
government spying on customers and claim it must be done
because others do it, and, predictably, there is no perfect security,
only expensive vigilance and eloquent exculpation.

The natsec and comsec cultures thrive on the unavoidable sin
and salvation lessons learned from political and religious

Still, better to recycle insecurity hosannahs than to slaughter, better
to squander money on crap health care than hideous war toys to
enforce evangelical concrete border walls.

Bruce is among the best at ridiculing the pretenses of the security
racket, not unlike the best of critics inside the privileges. The earthly
security enterprises are very generous to those who red team
vulnerabilities of their products but do not tell the whole story, just
enough to sustain demand -- regulated by NDA, classification and

More titillations, for example, at The Danger Zone (!) and Threat Level (!+!),
soon again at perennially threatened Wikileaks (!!!), at the most eminently
fright-ginning institutions threatened by funding diminution (!!!!) 
and agonized market-threatened freedom of information fora (!!!!).

For the last, this admirable cliche-writ tent revival cum Tea Party:

"Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy" February 24-26
The New School, New York City

The New School's Social Research Journal Announces Conference
on Changes in U.S. Freedom of Information in Age of Globalization
and Technology

Keynote Address by Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist;
Featured Speakers Daniel Ellsberg, Eric Lichtblau, Steven Aftergood

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