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Re: <nettime> fast-changing propaganda website archiving tools?

Thanks for that as well. What was this visual rhetoric project, and is
there something that's out there to see?

Httrack is proving tricky to install, but I'll keep on it. Pages of
error messages during "make" for instance.

That said, Httrack's doesn't promise support for archiving Flash
pages, and all the documentation talks about following links, which
leads me to think it's not going to be any more successful for what
I'm trying to do.

(When I said things like Fink and Wget, I meant just that, I tried
things, like fink and wget! Also downloadhelper and downthem all,
which are firefox plugins for ripping website media... they grab
youtube vids for instance.)


On 6-Jan-10, at 10:08 , Michael Wojcik wrote:

> It would help to know what you've tried, then. You mention "things
> like Fink and Wget". What would those "things" include?
> If you haven't tried HTTrack (WinHTTrack for Windows, WebHTTrack
> for UNIX and Linux), I'd suggest that. It's free, open-source,
> and reasonably easy to use, configure, and automate. I used
> WinHTTrack to record changes to US presidential candidate websites
> in 2007-2008, for a visual-rhetoric project, and it did the job.

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