Matze Schmidt on Sun, 7 Mar 2010 09:38:56 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> A scenario for World War III

Let me add and relativize: the PIGS
are in deep debts of the FRG. Greece's political=financial/economical
system will be soon taken over by German capital interests (no joke and
no old hat: see Deutsche Bank) since Greece has debts into the billions
to German lenders. To sum it up shortly in the logic of economic
striving according to the horizon of the preceding postings, the one who
will lead the european part of a possible WW will be Germany. EURO,- or
not, a splitting up of the German-lead EUROzone will cause what we maybe
can only compare with the situation before 1933 with an almost bankrupt
German Reich. A bitter pic.

Matze Schmidt

> The fun part was about 'nominal rigidities' vs 'real' ones. To cut
> corners, the former is about American workers unable to obtain salary
> rises when the US Dollar goes South, the latter is about European
> workers able to do precisely that when same thing happens to the Euro.

> Now the scarry part: Not Greece (or Portugal, or Spain, or Ireland,
> or any country wanting to join the PIGS (sic), but Germany. Where
> (according to that same learned source) binding with Europe, its
> currency, and its spirit in general, is vanishing fast.

> Fine. That wil be WWIII within 10 years if you ask me. Remember
> Sarajevo.

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